Alexandrion Foundation offered over 100,000 balls to sports in Romania in 2018

20 December 2018|Sport, Uncategorized|

The Alexandrion Foundation offered more than 100,000 balls for different sports such as football, rugby, basketball and volley, in 2018. We attended many event during which these balls  were offered. Many sports associations and clubs both in rural areas and in cities such as Timisoara, Ploiesti, Craiova, Cluj or Iasi benefited from theese actions under [...]

The Alexandrion Foundation announces the Great Unification of Sports

17 July 2018|Sport, Uncategorized|

With the occasion of the Great Union’s Centenary, Romanian nationals will be able to vote for the athletes they believe have united the country through their performances across 100 years, at the Great Unification of Sports. On 15th July, The Alexandrion Foundation launched a campaign with the same name to pay homage to the great [...]

Watch: Alexandrion Trophies winners were invited to a B1 TV talk show

7 February 2018|Sport|

Gianina Beleagă and Ionela Lehaci, the world champions of canoeing (double oars), were invited to B1 TV on Sunday, January 4. Along with them, Valentin Popescu, sports director of Alexandrion Group, and young Elena Chiriac,the winner of taekwando national championship took part in the talks. They all relived the Alexandrion Trophies Gala, but they also [...]

Replay: Alexandrion Trophies Gala 2018

6 February 2018|Sport|

The Alexandrion Trophies Gala, organized by the Alexandrion Foundation, was broadcast live on TVR HD. 23 established athletes, as well as four young athletes were awarded at the event that took place on February 1 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest. More than 300 guests attended the event and applauded the laureates. Those who [...]

The winners of the Alexandrion Trophies – the third edition – have been awarded

6 February 2018|Sport|

23 established athletes have been awarded The winners of the third edition of the Alexandrion Trophies Gala have been announced to the public last night. At an event attending more than 300 guests, 10 prizes were awarded to the Romanian athletes that had a great performance last year. The award ceremony took place at the [...]

The first two editions of Alexandrion Trophies dominated by women

29 January 2018|Sport|

Simona Halep is the perfect example to see what performance and hard work are all about. Also Simona Halep is one of the athletes who won the Alexandrion Trophy in 2016, offered by the Alexandrion Foundation for outstanding results in sports. In fact, women dominated the podium of the first two editions of Alexandrion Trophies. [...]

The third edition of the Alexandrion Awards Gala

19 January 2018|Sport, Uncategorized|

The Alexandrion Trophies Gala from 2018 will be held on February 1 The Alexandrion Foundation organizes, for the third consecutive year, the Alexandrion Trophies Gala. The awards and the financial rewards offered at the event are dedicated to athletes who have achieved outstanding performance in 2017. This is the only event of its kind organized [...]

President of Alexandrion Foundation, awarded by the Sports Press Association

27 November 2017|Sport, Uncategorized|

Alexandrion Foundation President was awarded at the Gala organized by the Sports Press Association in Romania on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of its existence. Nawaf Salameh received the excellence diploma for outstanding merits in supporting the Romanian sport through Alexandrion Group. This distinction proves once again that what the Foundation does for Romanian [...]