Simona Halep is the perfect example to see what performance and hard work are all about. Also Simona Halep is one of the athletes who won the Alexandrion Trophy in 2016, offered by the Alexandrion Foundation for outstanding results in sports. In fact, women dominated the podium of the first two editions of Alexandrion Trophies.

The number of awarded ladies is higher than that of the men awarded in the last two editions of the Alexandrion Trophies. Here’s the list of winners of the first two editions of this gala, which has already become traditional:

Simona Halep (tennis), Elizabeth Samara and Daniela Dodean (table tennis), Ana Maria Brânză (frien), Cristina Neagu (handball), Cristiana Stancu (martial arts) and Andreea Chitu (judo) 1 of Romania that won the bronze at the 2016 Olympics, the components of the 2016 sword female team, Simona Gherman, Simona Pop, Ana-Maria Popescu and Loredana Dinu, Oana Manea (handball), Cătălina Ponor (gymnastics).

A total of 21 women have made us proud of the results they have obtained in the competitions they participated in during the last two years.

But there were also gentlemen who represented Romania with honor at the international sports competitions of the past two years and who made us proud through their results. They were also awarded by the Alexandrion Foundation at the two editions of the Alexandrion Trophies: Marian Drăgulescu (gymnastics), Horia Tecău (tennis), Anghel Iordănescu (football), Tiberiu Dolniceanu (sword), Horia Tecău / Florin Mergea (tennis) – vice-champions OG, Albert Saritov (wrestling), Alexandru Bologa (judo).

Will this year change the balance? Will there be more gentlemen among the prize-winners of the third edition of the Alexandrion Trophies? The answer remains to be found at the awards ceremony scheduled for Thursday, February 1.

The Alexandrion Trophies “Speranţa” (Hope) are the novelty for this year edition. This trophies will be awarded to young athletes who work hard to get great performances. This awards are offered at the initiative of the Foundation’s president and founder, Nawaf Salameh. The winners will be announced on Thursday, February 1, at the Alexandrion Trophies Gala, broadcast live at 20.30 on TVR HD.