With the occasion of the Great Union’s Centenary, Romanian nationals will be able to vote for the athletes they believe have united the country through their performances across 100 years, at the Great Unification of Sports. On 15th July, The Alexandrion Foundation launched a campaign with the same name to pay homage to the great names and legends of Romanian Sport.

All passionate fans, or those who simple witnessed such a performance in any sport, can contribute to this project dedicated to athletic excellence.

Beginning with 1st August 2018, Romanian nationals can nominate outstanding characters of Romanian sport on the following platform www.mareaunificaresportiva.ro. With nominees ranging from football heroes to kayak, volley, handball, tennis, or gymnastics personalities who have placed Romania amongst champions, who have united us in the past 100 years, and who, through their accomplishments, have made us proud to be Romanians.

Afterwards the public will be invited to vote for the champions on the same website. The top 10 individuals with the most votes will be rewarded by the Alexandrion Foundation with prizes worth up to 100.000 ron and the medal of “The Great Unification of Sports”.

Names renowned throughout the world, as well as lesser known performers can be found on the 100 year timeline of sport on the website, www.mareaunificaresportiva.ro. This will therefore become the first online platform dedicated to the history or Romanian sport which will make accessible to the public an extensive chronology of events dating back to the first national championships and their champions. The public’s favourites will be announced at an event taking place in December, 2018.