On February 1 2018, 27 great Romanian athletes were awarded at the third edition of the Alexandrion Trophies Gala, organized by the Alexandrion Foundation.

23 established athletes have been awarded

The winners of the third edition of the Alexandrion Trophies Gala have been announced to the public last night. At an event attending more than 300 guests, 10 prizes were awarded to the Romanian athletes that had a great performance last year. The award ceremony took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest and was broadcast live on TVR HD.

The awards and the financial rewards offered at the event are dedicated to athletes who have achieved outstanding performance in 2017. This is the only event organized by a private entity for rewarding the athletes. Alexandrion trophies are meant to reward excellent results in sports, but also to help athletes draw attention to the huge needs in this area that require a steady and more active involvement of the state and the private environment.

Rewarded Sportsmen

The winners of the Alexandrion Trophies

Simona Halep (tennis – world number two WTA)
Cristina Neagu (handball – the best player in the world)
Horia Tecău (tennis – winner US Open double)
Gianina Beleagă and Ionela Lehaci (world champion rowing)
Loredana Toma (weightlifting 3 gold medals at the World)
Alina Vuc (World Wrestling Champion)
Cătălina Ponor (gymnastics – european champion)
Marian Drăgulescu (Gymnastics – European Champion)
Romanian women’s 8 + 1 canoeing team consisting of: Laura Oprea, Mădălina Bereş, Adelina Maria Bogus, Mihaela Petrila, Viviana Iuliana Bejunariu, Ioana Vrinceanu, Iuliana Popa, Denisa Tilvescu, Daniela Drunceanu (World and European Champion)
Women’s table tennis team consisting of: Adina Mihaela Diaconu, Elizabeth Samara, Irina Ciobanu, Daniela Dodean Monteiro, Bernadette Szocs – (European champion)

The winners of the Alexandrion Trophies “Hope”

For the first time in the history of the Alexandrion Trophies in 2018 four young athletes were also awarded in recognition of their excellent achievements:

Elena Chiriac (taekwondo)
Andra Simion (tennis)
Theo Matican (paralympic cyclist)
Diana Cimpoca (figure skating)

Alexandrion Foundation offers every year the Alexandrion Trophies after a consultation with representatives of over 20 sports editorial boards from Romania and with state institutions involved in sports. The experts take into account the last year national and international achievements of the athletes to choose the winner.