Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards

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The second edition of the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards took place on December 3, in an elegant atmosphere in the famous Gotham Hall. At the sumptuous ceremony hundreds of guests took part, which forms the group of people which are performant, which supports humanitarian actions and social justice. The Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards 2019 were offered at the categories: Music, Medicine, Architecture, Fine Arts, Science, Cults and Politics. The laureates of these awards represent models of excellence in their field of activity and a global inspirational landmark.

The president’s message

The name of Alexandrion Group is linked to responsibility, future generations and the appreciation of people. That’s why the Alexandrion Foundation organizes this event for the second time in New York.
We celebrate the performance in the second edition of the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards, proving that it has no frontiers and sets bigger goals. The fact that Alexandrion Group has crossed the ocean and is building now a Distillery in the U.S.A. is an important step in the global evolution of the company. As I said last year, where the Group goes, the Foundation follows it.
The distinctions named after the great ruler, Constantin Brâncoveanu, are inspired by his and his family`s sacrifice for integrity and faith.
Through Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards the Alexandrion Foundation wants to bring global recognition to the ones which represent the real game-changers.
Brilliant, innovative, compassionate – our laureates shown out in all their activity that social issues have solutions, and there is always a better way to militate for a cause, even in the face of global crisis. We appreciate the ones which consider shaping a future that is more respectful of both people and the planet that we share.
Tonight, Alexandrion Foundation invites on these stage the ones the ones that fight correctly and with the responsibility for tomorrow, the ones that understand that the change is in each one of us, the ones which found the inner power to be leaders in their field of activity. Congratulations to all the winners for making us proud that we are here and have the power of their example!



Mariela Shaker

For increasing the awareness of the cause of refugees from Syria and of the humanity transposed in the exceptional dedication in music.


Dr. Baroukh El Kodsi, MD

For the exceptional dedication as a doctor and researcher in medicine.


Arch. Adriana Călin

For the amazing approach of the architectural challenges.

Plastic Arts

Alexandra Nechita

For the exceptional interpretation of the world and emotions through painting.


Ph.D. Daniela Rus

For the outstanding performance gained in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

For his entire career dedicated to the study of Religion and to his humanitarian work.


Carolyn Maloney

For the outstanding implication in government and the tireless fight for social justice.

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