Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards Gala

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The Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards represent a major step taken by the Alexandrion Foundation in the recognition of values around the world, making this gala a world-class event. The international awards were awarded for the first time in 2018 in the United States.

The president’s message

In the opening speech, Nawaf Salameh, the founder and president of the Foundation, stated the reason for which he initiated the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards: “as a sign of piousness towards the sacrifice of the great founder, but also respect for the spiritual values of Romania. Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards have the purpose to honour and to reward the most deserving personalities and works in the fields of history, arts and architecture.”


The future of the “Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards”

Starting 2017, the “Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards” Gala starts to extend. Ceremonies as the ones organized in Romania shall be also organized in Europe and in the United States. Therefore, until 2018, Alexandrion Foundation shall host similar events in London, Berlin and New York.

Alexandrion Foundation

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