Alexandrion Trophies

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On the evening of October 1st, under the dome of the symbolic building of national Romanian culture spirit, the Romanian Athenaeum, nearly 700 guests, participated at the awarding of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards offered by the Alexandrion Foundation, as a tribute and recognition of the values of the Romanian culture.

The President’s message

A priority of the Alexandrion Foundation has always been and still are the cultural projects. We constantly show our support and appreciation for the values of culture through everything we do and through everything we intend to do next.
Thus we kept our promise and we got this year to organize the sixth edition of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards. They are meant to promote the values and vision of a great ruler who has maintained peace in the country for 25 years and who has been a great supporter of art, science and culture. At the same time, these distinctions are offered to honor the values of Romanian culture and the personalities who have gone through an unanimously recognized career. The winners of the Constantrin Brâncoveanu Awards are part of all fields of culture, art and science – literature, history, music, theater or film, architecture, medicine or economics.
In 2018, the 5th Bucharest edition of the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards was held under the sign of the Centenary of the Union of 1918, at the Royal Palace (National Museum of Art of Romania). The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards for the Diaspora 2019 were held in Paris on May 28, 2019. These are dedicated to talented Romanians who have chosen to work and develop outside the borders of our country.
Also from 2018, these Awards have evolved worldwide. We crossed the ocean and organized, at the New York Public Library, in the USA a major event entitled “Gala Constantin Brancoveanu International”. The distinctions offered here were for cultural and scientific personalities from around the world.
In addition, we continue to organize the Alexandrion Trophies, a tribute to the Foundation for athletes who achieved outstanding performances in the precedent year.
I renew my promise that we will continue the tradition of the Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala in Romania, in the diaspora and across the Ocean as before.


Fine Arts

Horea Paștina, Painter

He is considered one of the most important representatives of contemporary painting, being recognized as “an artist of the concrete, of the tellurium, of the flowering branches”.


Mircea Cornișteanu, Director

Mircea Cornișteanu is a theater director who has often reached the peaks of success, a prominent personality who continues to raise awareness through his specific directorial manner. His artistic peak is reached through the show “Breaking News”, after the play “Last hour” by Mihail Sebastian.


Radu Deac, Ph.D. in medicine

Radu Deac is the most important cardiac surgeon in Romania for the last two decades. He performed over 10,000 open heart operations and 5,000 closed heart operations. Thanks to his medical research and inventions, two types of artificial heart valves are named after him.


Stere Gulea, Movie Director

The director of the films “Morometii I” and “Morometii II” and not only, Stere Gulea expresses the Romanian sensitivity and values through his art, being constantly motivated by the perspective of artistic development.


Florin Georgescu, economist

Florin Georgescu is first vice-governor and vice-chairman of the NBR Board of Directors. He has undertaken numerous economic analyzes over time, and the prize is offered for exceptional analyzes in the volumes “Post-communist capital of Romania”.


Alexandru Tomescu, violinist

Alexandru Tomescu is the violinist who identified his name with that of the violin Stradivarius. Since his debut in 1985, he has held over 200 concerts and recitals to date and has won numerous national and international awards in classical music. His talent is rewarded with the honor of playing the famous Stradivarius violin Elder-Voicu 1702, one of the best preserved Stradivarius instruments.


Dan Corneliu Șerban, prof. Univ. PhD in architecture, exceptional personality of the contemporary Romanian architecture

The architect ȘERBAN DAN CORNELIU is undoubtedly a remarkable figure in the field of architecture, but also in the field of education in Romania. He is not only a talented architect, with remarkable achievements, but for more than 40 years he also serves as a teacher at the “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest.

Special Award

Carmen Uscatu and Oana Gheorghiu, Founder of Dăruiești Viață

Carmen USCATU and Oana GHEORGHIU founded the Association ”Dăruiești Viață” in 2012, continuing the volunteer work, started in parallel with their full time jobs. Their purpose was to radically change the way cancer patients are treated in Romania, where the survival rate is only 50%, compared to the rest of Europe, where it is 80%.

Nawaf Salameh Scholarship

Dulgheru Maria

The “Nawaf Salameh” scholarship has already become a tradition – every year a student from the school in Brâncoveni commune receives such an award, in recognition of outstanding teaching results.


Acad. Răzvan Theodorescu

Executive Chairman of the jury.

Acad. Dan Berindei

President of the Jury

Prof. univ. dr. Andrei Marga

Vice-President of the jury.

Sorina Goia

music critic

Prof. univ. Dr. Irinel Popescu


Magda Mihăilescu

film critic

Prof. Univ. Dr. Mihai Retegan


Acad. D.R. Popescu

director of the Academy Publishing House

Prof. univ. Dr. Marian Moiceanu, PhD

Rector of the UAIM

Ștefan Râmniceanu

plastic artist.

Natalia Stancu

theater critic

Dumitru Constantin

the secretary of the jury