Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala

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Almost 800 guests both from the country and abroad, who participated on Tuesday evening in the symbol building of the Romanian culture, Ateneul Român (Romanian Athenaeum), at the awarding of Constantin Brancoveanu Awards offered by Alexandrion Foundation.

The president’s message

„It is a great honor for me and for Alexandrion Foundation to be here tonight at Ateneul Român (Romanian Athenaeum). And I am very glad that Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala has reached its fourth edition. I am happy to see that almost a quarter of the guests to this Gala come from other corners of the world – from USA, France, Cyprus, South Africa, Brazil. We support valuable persons to the culture and science in Romania and we want to continue to honor them and to support them within their new projects.”

Alexandrion Foundation Special Award

This year, the Special Award of the Foundation was offered to His All Holiness, the Patriarch Mor Ignatius Aphrem the 2nd, Syriac Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch and of the entire East.



Geta Brătescu

Visual artist

One of the most important figures of the Romanian plastic arts. Her activity includes works of graphics, drawing, collage, photography and book illustrations. The award was granted for her entire activity.


Horia Andreescu


Horia Andreescu is the principal conductor of the bands from Radiodifuziunea Română, conductor of the “George Enescu” Harmonium, founder of the orchestra “Virtuozii din Bucureşti”, he collaborated with great orchestras in Europe, among which London Symphony Orchestra, Wiener Symphoniker, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The award was granted to him for his entire activity.


Dorin Ștefan


„Architecture comes to support this fantastic project for creating a better life for people (…) maybe Ceausescu erected higher walls than Brâncoveanu. But these did not become buildings because faith and culture were absent.”(Dorin Ștefan)


Oana Pellea


„I dedicate this award to the hard working persons who leave their thoughts, dreams and sweat on stage, every evening. (…) Without culture, a nation has no chance.”(Oana Pellea)


Luminița Gheorghiu


For more than 30 years, she has been a unique presence in the world of the seventh art. She became known for the nurse role in the movie “Moartea domnului Lăzărescu” and the role in “Poziția copilului” (2013) that brought her the Golden Bear at the International Festival in Berlin.


Carol Iancu


“I hope that we can talk about the recognition of the importance of the work performed by the persons who investigate the history of the ethnic communities who contributed to the prosperity of the Romanian state,” stated the historian. He is known for his large scientific activity based on the history of the international relations and the history of the Hebrews.


Leon Dănăilă


An internationally renowned neurosurgeon, with prodigious and continuous activity that spanned over 55 years in the same hospital – “Gheorghe Marinescu”, in Bucharest. He performed more than 40.000 surgeries and he is the one who introduced the microscope and the laser in the brain tumor and vascular surgery.


Ilie Șerbănescu

PhD in Economics

Economics analyst with a career of almost half of century in press and television, former Minister of Finance.

Post-mortem distinction

Augustin Buzura


Augustin Buzura was one of the most valuable contemporary Romanian novelists, very active in promoting and protecting the values of the national identity. In 2014, at the first edition of the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, Augustin Buzura was part of the jury.

Post-mortem distinction

Mihai Maxim

International specialist in Turkology and Ottoman studies. He is the author of the important volume “Brâncoveanu și Înalta Poartă. Documente noi din arhive turcești”, which brought fundamental contributions regarding the voivode’s reign and his relations with the Ottoman Empire.

“Nawaf Salameh” scholarship

Maria Bianca Doriță

The “Nawaf Salameh” scholarship has already become a tradition – every year, a student of the school in the Brâncoveni commune receives such an award as a recognition for good results in the educational field.


Dan Berindei


Dumitru Radu Popescu


Andrei Marga


Ioan Scurtu


Grigore Constantinescu


Marian Moiceanu


Dana Safta


Ștefan Râmniceanu


Dumitru Constantin

Secretary of the jury

Magda Mihăilescu

Film critic

Victor Ioan Frunză


Invited artists

Four world-class sopranos: Oana Andra, Andrea Rost, Radostina Nikolaeva and Sanja Radisic, together with an orchestra consisting of 51 instrumentalists, conducted by the master Alexandru Petrovici have enchanted the public. For the first time, the show benefited from the direction of the well-known opera director, Anda Tăbăcaru Hogea, who directed the entire show of the awards and the recital for the 800 guests of the gala.

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