Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala 2014

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December 3rd, 2014. A memorable day for Alexandrion Foundation which, for the first time, organized the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala. At this event, eight cultural personalities were paid homage and were rewarded with trophies and diplomas, at the event organized at Palatul Brâncovenesc Mogoșoaia.

The president’s message

“Alexandrion Foundation initiated the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards as a sign of piousness towards the sacrifice of the great founder, but also respect for the spiritual values of Romania. The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards have the purpose to honour and to reward the most deserving personalities and works in the fields of history, arts and architecture.”

Alexandrion Foundation Special Award

At the first edition of Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, His Beatitude the Patriarch Daniel of Romania received the Special Award of the Alexandrion Foundation. The president of the Foundation, Nawaf Salameh has explained the choice of the Foundation: “for his act of profound spiritual and patriotic resonance to mark the Commemorative Year of the Saint Brâncoveanu Martyrs”. .



Dinu G. Giurescu


 The president of the jury of Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards has characterized Dinu Giurescu as a “brilliant representative of a dynasty of historians”, and the award was granted to him for his entire activity.


Mircea Albulescu


Mircea Albulescu was rewarded “for the professionalism and commitment in serving the Romanian theater. Mircea Albulescu is both a huge stage and movie actor, an important personality of the Romanian culture after the last world war and also a very beloved professor.”(Augustin Buzura)


Tudor Gheorghe


Tudor Gheorghe, “the artist who was born singing” was rewarded for the show “Anotimpurile mele”, 2014.


Nicolae Breban


Nicolae Breban was rewarded for his entire creation.  “In the evolution of the Romanian novel, the work of Nicolae Breban represents a cornerstone. Breban belongs to the rare species of the ones who face, while being characterized by a noble insanity, the ridiculous and skepticism, in the name of a unique artistic ideal: the one to penetrate the unknown land of the being”. (Eugen Negrici)


Ion Druță


The Bessarabian writer was rewarded for the analogy “Vatra blajinilor”, an author selection through which he “wants to present to the Romanian public the essence of his writing”.  “He is the most important representative writer of the literature from Bessarabia.”(Magdalena Bedrosian)


Ion Ghinoiu

Professor and researcher

Professor Ion Ghinoiu received the Constantin Brâncoveanu Award  for his work as coordinator of the “Romanian Ethnographic Atlas, volume 5, Holidays, customs, mythology”, published by the Romanian Academy Publishing House. “The Ethnographic Atlas of Romania is one of the largest scientific works in the last decades”. (Adrian Majuru)


Ionel Oprisan


Ionel Oprişan was rewarded for the volume “Brâncoveanu myth in the Romanian popular creation”, Saeculum Publishing House, I.O. 2014.


Dan Berindei


Dumitru Radu Popescu


Augustin Buzura


Andrei Marga


Eugen Negrici


Magdalena Bedrosian

Literary historian and critic

Adrian Majuru


Dumitru Constantin

Secretary of the jury

Invited artists

The show of the Gala was opened by the Madrigal Choir, it was continued by Oana Andra, first soloist at the Romanian Opera in Bucharest (accompanied by the professor Alexandru Petrovici) and closed by Mariana Nicolesco.

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