Marian Zidaru is the grand winner of the creative contest for the new “Constantin Brâncoveanu Trophy”. The panel of judges decided that the model “Crucea Trup” (cross body) would bring the prize worth € 7.000 to the artist.

The competition had as a premise finding the next trophy for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Gala, an event organised annually by the Alexandrion Foundation to reward the work and dedication of cultural figures from Romania.

The creative contest’s Jury was formed by outstanding individuals such as Doina Mândru, art historian- the jury president, Nawaf Salameh, the president of the Alexandrion Foundation- the vice president of the jury – represented by Ioana Corcodel, Ioan Scurtu, historian – member of jury, Mircea Roman, sculptor – member of the jury, Magda Cârneci, critic – member of jury, Cătălin Bălescu, chancellor of UNARTE – member of jury, Stefan Ramniceanu plastic artist- member of the jury, Narcis Dorin Ion, director of the national Peleș Museum.

The judges faced a difficult mission as they were required to chose between the creations of 57 participants, enrolled according to the regulations. In the end, they decided the artist that was most successful in encompassing the essence and values of the Martyr Constantin Brâncoveanu, a character emblematic of the Romanian culture and history, was Marian Zidaru.

“’Crucea Trup’(Cross Body), created by Marian Zidaru was chosen as a trophy representative of the idea of Martyrdom, idea of Christianity of growth and solidarity.” Stated the judges in their motivation.

“We wished the new Constantin Brâncoveanu trophy to comprise the spiritual values that the holy Martyr left as a legacy and which we respect and honor. The mission of the judges truly was an extremely difficult one. As we expected, the creative spirit of the Romanian artists was at the highest level. Each one of the contestants tried to best convey these values in a suggestive manner, but only one could be winner, and the judges made their decision. I congratulate the winner with all my heart and I am certain that he will be proud of every trophy we will offer to the emblematic figures in the setting of the Constantin Brâncoveanu Galas” declared Nawaf Salameh, the president of the Alexandrion Foundation.

The Sculptor Marian Zidaru, the winner of the contest, was born in Balotești, Ilfov county on 22 August 1956. His name is well known in the artistic world. Marian Zidaru participated with numerous sculptures and drawings of cultural and religious significance in national and international exhibitions. His works can be found in famous museums and galleries throughout Romania and the world, as well as in private art collections across Europe, United States of America, and Asia.

The contest for creating the new Constantin Brâncoveanu trophy was launched by the Alexandrion Foundation on 13 March. The deadline for entering the contest was 1 June, which was done through the foundation’s website. The regulations included, amongst others the obligation to send a model to the organizers.