The Alexandrion Foundation organizes the third edition of the Debates from Sinaia on 28 – 29th of March 2019 at the New Montana Hotel. The theme of the debate is deep and current: The Crisis of Education. Status indicators and resolutions. National and international experts, as well as Government representatives, will be present to take the floor trying to find viable alternatives for solving the topics discussed. The third volume will be post-event printed and put into circulation starting May this year. The Debates from Sinaia will be broadcasted live on the Facebook page of the Alexandrion Foundation: and also on the website:

After two successful editions and two editorial editions of the Debates from Sinaia – the first held in March 2018 on the “Rule of Law” and the second one, conducted in October 2018, with the theme “Economy of the East” – Alexandrion Foundation prepares the land for the the third edition and another topic of debate, confirming once again that the event has already gained national and international reputation and that it has stabilized itself as a far-reaching debate system.

In a present when a society must perform in all aspects: technologically, economically, going through cognitive, institutional, civic, social and moral it is vital to focus on education.

So what does the education of society have to offer? What are the requirements of the global education competition? What do educations require to digitize and reorganize knowledge based on genetics? Discipline education or individualized education? Test-controlled education or comprehensive exam-based education? Does the teacher remain a central person in education or reduce his role as a knowledge transmitter? What is the role of family, institutions, the media, the social environment in education? What is the teacher’s social status? What is the relationship between unity and diversification in an education system? How can you convert the current “brain-drain” into “brain-gain”? What is the role of reading and education in education? How to create an entrepreneurial mindset? How to make democratic civic education? How does patriotic education relate to universalism education? How do citizenship critical thinking form? How does separation between an opportunist conformism and an anarchic refusal of the organization remain? are not just a few questions, but the to-do list for solving problems during the third edition of the Debates from Sinaia.

The format of the event remains unchanged including three rounds of discussion. The first focuses on Crisis in Education, Crisis of Education, Crisis in Society where speakers from London, Budapest, Beirut, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara will have a speech, the second is about the State of education spoken by speakers in Torun, Montreal, Budapest, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, and speakers from Lisbon, Liubliana and the most important cities in Romania are trying to find Solutions in the final round.