Gala premiilor Constantin Brâncoveanu

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Over 600 people attended the ninth edition of the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala, one of Romania's most important cultural events, which was held at the Romanian Athenaeum. The Gala has been organized annually by the Alexandrion Foundation since 2014 and it awards exceptional personalities who, throughout their careers, have significantly contributed to the development of Romanian society in fields such as: Film, History, Theater, Architecture, Visual Arts, Literature or Music.

The president’s message

“The pandemic and the crisis of the health systems, the crisis of the natural world and the climate, and now the war in Europe, are all challenges that test our solidarity and ability to respond together and effectively. It may seem that, in the face of these challenges, culture is a fad. Nothing more wrong. Culture defines us, it is our vital metabolism and our most precious common good. It gives us hope, it nourishes our optimism, and I urge everyone to keep feeding it. We have wonderful people among us who have served the common good and whom we have honored at the Gala. My gratitude goes to them, but also to those who have managed to do their job well in these difficult times”, said Dr. Nawaf Salameh, Founding Chairman of the Alexandrion Group and the Alexandrion Foundation.

Special awards offered by the Alexandrion Foundation:

Father Walid Eskandafi - the special award for promoting religious freedom.

Ivanka Shalapatova - the special award for the remarkable and sustained contribution to the health and well-being of children in need.

Ivanka Demchuck - the special award for the contribution to the development of religious art.Ivanka Demchuck is an artist from Lviv (Ukraine) and an icon painter.

The laureates

The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards are offered to the laureates for a project completed in the year following the previous edition or for achievements obtained throughout their entire career. Launched by the Alexandrion Foundation in 2014, the Constantin Brâncoveanu Gala has so far honored numerous personalities, including actors, architects, historians, scientists, and clergy who, through their work and achievements, have significantly influenced the evolution of Romanian society.


Dumitru Radu Popescu

Awarded for the volume "One hundred and one poems"


Dragoș Sebastian Becheru

Awarded for the book "România and the Oil Problem 1969 - 1981"


Gigi Căciuleanu

Awarded for the „Omnia” show and the anthological shows from the 2021-2022 season


Arh. Cristina Olga Gociman

Awarded for the project "Consolidation, restoration, restitution Ion Oteteleșanu Castle"

Visual Arts

Anghel Gheorghe

Awarded for an exceptional career


Ruxandra Donose

Awarded for an exceptional career


Dan Pița

Awarded for an exceptional career


This year’s gala’s jury, composed of personalities with notable careers and achievements, has made nominations in seven fields: theater, visual arts, film, history, literature, architecture, and music.

Academician Răzvan Theodorescu

President of the jury

Prof. univ. Dr. Ludmila Patlanjoglu

Theatrologist, historian and theater critic

Magda Mihăilescu

Film critic

Dr. Constantin Corneanu


Ștefan Râmniceanu


Nicolae Iliescu

Writer, essayist and publicist

Prof. Univ. Dr Marian Moiceanu

Prof. Univ. Dr. in architecture

Sorina Goia


Invited artists

The three musical moments of the Gala were performed by the soprano Irina Baianț, the pianist Marius Deneș and the classical crossover group Brio Sonores, accompanied by the New Hope orchestra.

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