Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala

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Alexandrion Foundation organized on October 1, 2015, the second edition of Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards Gala, at Brâncoveanu Palaces in Mogoșoaia. At the event, nine important representatives of the Romanian culture were honored and rewarded for their contribution to the development of important fields, like Literature, Music, Plastic Arts, Theatre, Cinematography, History or Architecture.

The president’s message

“Alexandrion Foundation organizes the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards for the second year in an row. I am glad to see that more and more people are interested in these awards, especially by the high number of nominations. The jury had the most difficult mission again. They had to choose the winners among all these great, worthy people. I am convinced that the selection was fully justified and I want to continue supporting the Romanian culture also next year.”

Alexandrion Foundation Special Awards

One of the two special awards of the Foundation was granted to the historian Ladislau Gyemant, one of the most important historians of Transylvania.

The second special award was granted to Colonel Dorin Petruț, for the courage he proved when he saved the life of a British Colonel in Iraq. He protected with his own body the British officer, but the explosion of the reactive grenade injured him severely. This happened on September 11, 2007. He was decorated in Romania with the National Order “Serviciul Credincios” (Faithful Service), on a rank of Commander, and in NATO with the Medal „Non-Article 5“.



Marin Cazacu


Professor Grigore Constantinescu, PhD, presented him as being not only a great musician, but also an “architect because he built a festival in Sinaia – ”Festivalul Internațional Enescu și Muzica Lumii” (Enescu International Festival and World’s Music) – as well as a youth symphonic orchestra.


Ștefan Râmniceanu

Visual artist

”The ethics of certain social segments is laughsome and, in these conditions, the initiative of Alexandrion Foundation is remarkable”, Ștefan Râmniceanu said.


Sorin Dumitrescu


“An award for a personality who began as a successful painter, who created agitation around him, but who became, gradually, a Christian painter, making the transition from the mundane level to the religious one under the influence of the revelations interceded by father Galeriu, Nicolae Steinhardt and by the habit of going to church.”( Magdalena Popescu-Bedrosian).


Dumitru Radu Popescu


”One of the few prosers who developed the level of the transfiguration of the matter into an image unparalleled to his predecessors, which is no little thing. He imposed in our prose a spiritual territory and has combined the need for truth with the need for stylistic novelty”, Professor Eugen Negrici said in his laudatio. Dumitru Radu Popescu thanked for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Award comparing it to a “Romanian nephew of the Nobel Award”.


Emil Barbu


President of honor of the Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism, Emil Barbu Popescu was the one who reinvented “Club A” and the youth houses, places where students were practising resistance through culture before 1989. He is also the one who reinvented the football club Sportul Studențesc, becoming the almost legendary president of the Bucharest group. A man who has built with the young and for the young, as he confessed.


Magazin Istoric


This history magazine is on the market since 1967. “The History of the Romanians disappeared from high school, replaced by” History “, it disappeared from the public television, and the” Class of History “from the radio has now only 25 minutes, but History Magazine remained the same for almost half a century “. (Ioan Scurtu)


Dan Berindei


Marina Constantinescu

Dana Duma


Filaret Acatrinei


Ioan Scurtu


Dorin Ştefan

PhD, Achitect

Eugen Negrici


Grigore Constantinescu


Magdalena Popescu-Bedrosian

Dumitru Constantin

Secretary of the jury

Invited guests

In the framework of the show, we could enjoy the golden voice of Casandrei Maria Hauși and the old music band Anton Pann.

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