The Alexandrion Foundation organized, on Monday, 10th of September, a debate regarding the nominees for  the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, a cultural event held on October 2, 2018 at the Royal Palace – the National Art Museum from Bucharest. The guests, along with members of the jury, made a series of nominations for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Prizes – 5th edition.

  The first nominees  for the Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards are:    


  • Ioan Scurtu, for “The 100-Card Collection per 100 Years” collection. 
  • Constantin Barbu, for the volume „Monumenta Romaniae Historica, Dionysius Exiguus, Collectio Canonum”.
  • Dumitru Preda, for the volume„La Roumanie et L’Entente. Les avatars d’une petite puissance dans une guerre de colition – 1916-1917”.


  • Ion Agârbiceanu, , “Ecclesiastical Articles” (1903-2018), edited by professor Ilie Radulescu.
  • Mihail Șora,  for the entire career.
  • Radu Cosașu,  for the entire career


  • Iosif Kiraly, photographer and professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bucharest.
  • Laurențiu Mogoșanu, sculptor.
  • Adina Nanu, for the exhibition “World Occupation in 80 Days, after Jules Verne”.
  • Napoleon Tiron, for the wood sculpture exhibition.
  • Mircea Roman, sculptor.


  • Mircea Mureșan, director.


  • Ion Caramitru, actor, manager of the National Theatre from Bucharest.
  • Sanda Manu, director and theatre professsor.
  • Marcel Iureș, actor.


  • Cristian Mandeal, conductor, award for the entire career.
  • Dan Dediu, composer.


  • Șerban Țigănaș, architect, for the “Built Environment Culture” project.
  • Ana Maria Zahariade, professor at the University of Architecture in Bucharest.
  • Architects Ștefan Bianco, Dragoș Epure, Răzvan Bârsanu și Matei Bogoescu – each of them has been proposed for architectural and interior projects.

At the Pullman Hotel in Bucharest event attended also representatives of the Alexandrion Foundation, the jury vice-president, Prof. Andrei Marga, the jury secretary, Constantin Dumitru, members of the jury, Ștefan Râmniceanu, Constantin Brâncoveanu and jury members Ileana Lucaciu, Magda Mihăilescu and Marian Zidaru, winner of the Alexandrion Foundation award for the Constantin Brâncoveanu trophy.

Also joined this event prevoious winners and participants of previous editions, media representatives and personalities from the fields of the competition: plastic arts, literature, theater, film, music, history and architecture.

The Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards will be offered after the deliberation of a prestigious jury formed by personalities of Romanian science and culture. Thus, the jury will decide on the annual prizes to be awarded at a festivity organized on October 2nd.

The list remains open and everyone is invited to submit proposals of authors and works, accompanied by  written arguments. The proposals may be sent by courier to the Alexandrion Foundation adress, Nicoale Grigorescu 19A street, Otopeni, Ilfov County, or by email to: and,  until 13 September 2018.

The Alexandrion Foundation reaffirms its interest in cultural projects, “Constantin Brâncoveanu” and “Matei Brâncoveanu” (for youth) Awards that are already part of the cultural calendar of Romania.