Bucharest, February 1st 2021 – The Alexandrion Trophies Gala, the most important gala of Romanian sports, organized by the Alexandrion Foundation for the 6th year in a row will be broadcast on the 6th of February, on B1 TV, starting from 19:00. The gala will also be streamed online on the Facebook page of the Alexandrion Foundation, starting from 20:00. This year, the Alexandrion Foundation has reconfigured the format of the event to meet all the legal measures in force, imposed by the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus the awards ceremony will be held without audience.


The distinctions are granted this year by the Alexandrion Foundation, following the consultations with the representatives of more than 20 sports publications in Romania, but also several authorized institutions. The trophies and the financial rewards offered within the event are dedicated to the sportspeople who obtained remarkable results in 2020 and are the only démarche of this kind completely organized and supported by a private entity.


Within the gala young sportspeople, remarkable through their talent and with very good evolution perspectives will be awarded with ”Speranţa” trophies. The Alexandrion Foundatio also grants special awards and the Alexandrion trophy for the entire career.


The winners of the Alexandrion trophies are designated based on the national and international performance from the previous year.  Within the past five editions the Alexandrion Foundation granted 91 trophies.

Among the winners of the previous editions are: Marian Drăgulescu (gymnastics), Anghel Iordănescu (football), Tiberiu Dolniceanu (fencing), Cristina Stancu (martial arts), Andreea Chițu (judo), Horia Tecău (tennis), Elisabeta Samara (ping-pong), Simona Halep (tennis), Ana-Maria Brânză-Popescu (fencing), Cristina Neagu (handball), the components of Romania’s 8+1 female rowing team – Mihaela Petrilă, Ioana Strungaru, Mădălina Bereș, Laura Oprea, Adelina Maria Boguș, Andreea Boghian, Roxana Cogianu, Iuliana Popa and Daniela Druncea, Daniela Dodean (ping-pong), Alexandru Bologa (judo), the components of the female sword team – Simona Gherman, Simona Pop, Ana-Maria Brânză-Popescu and Loredana Dinu, the pair Horia Tecău/Florin Mergea (tennis), Cătălina Ponor (gymnastics), Albert Saritov (wrestling), Oana Manea (handball), Gianina Beleagă and Ionela Lehaci (rowing), Loredana Toma (weight lifting), Alina Vuc (wresting), the components of Romania’s female rowing team 8+1– Laura Oprea, Mădălina Bereș, Adelina Maria Boguș, Mihaela Petrilă, Viviana Iuliana Bejunariu, Ioana Vrînceanu, Iuliana Popa, Denisa Tilvescu, Daniela Drunceanu, the female ping-pong team – Adina Mihaela Diaconu, Elizabeta Samara, Irina Ciobanu, Daniela Dodean Monteiro, Bernadette Cynthia Szocs, Nicolae Onică (weight lifting), Mirel Rădoi (football), Ianis Hagi (football), Robert Glință (swimming), Ovidiu Ionescu (ping-pong), Mihai Mihuț (wrestling), Laura Coman (sport shooting), Elena Andrieş (weight lifting), Bianca Pascu (fencing), Constantin Ştefan (handball).

The Alexandrion „Hope” Trophies were awarded in the past two editions and among the winners there were: Elena Chiriac (taekwondo), Andra Simion (lawn tennis), Theo Matican (paralympic cycling), Diana Cimpoca (ice skating), Claudiu Borțuneanu (football), Muscalu Nicoleta Angelica and Pavel Antonia Mihaela (water jumps – synchronous platform), Arian Notrețu (paralympic swimming), David Popovici (swimming), Ianis Sămărghițan-Dumitru (judo), Adrian Dorobanţu (football). Within the 2019 and 2020 editions Marius Iovi (soldier wounded in Irak and Invictus sportsman) and Ciprian Anton (wheelchair tennis) won the special award and the trophies for excellence in sport throughout the entire career were granted to Mircea Lucescu and Helmut Duckadam.

Cycling, water polo or lawn tennis are among the sports that the Foundation is supporting. The footbal, handball or rugby teams were not forgotten either and benefit from the support of the Foundation.

The Alexandrion Trophies are, in fact, a natural continuation of the efforts of the Alexandrion Foundation to support Romanian sports. Year after year, the Alexandrion Foundation has supported not only sports teams, but also the Romanian Sports Committee in three editions of the Olympic Games (Athens, London and Beijing). The Foundation has supported both handball teams (U Alexandrion Cluj and CSA Steaua Alexandrion) and football teams (Universitatea Craiova, CSM Politehnica Iaşi, ASU Politehnica Timișoara, Petrolul Ploieşti, Universitatea Cluj, Unirea Urziceni, Steaua București, Concordia Chiajna, Dinamo București or Metaloglobus București). The Alexandrion Foundation is also supporting other sports such as golf, rugby, cycling, box, polo, lawn tennis.