Bucharest, April 28th: Researcher, electrical engineering and computer science professor and director of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) of the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Deputy Dean of Research for Schwarzman College of Computing at MIT- one of the most prestigious computer science research institutions in the world, speaker at international IT&C events, Daniela Rus is a complex researcher, with remarkable projects and knowledge in robotics, data science and artificial intelligence. Daniela Rus has studied and built her career in the United States of America (USA), where she obtained her Phd. in Computer Science at Cornell University (New York) and is a member of the National Academy of Engineering and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Her professional activity focuses on research for building the mechanism capable to increase the ability of robots to reason, learn and adjust to complex tasks in human-center environments, developing intuitive interfaces between robots and people, and creating the tools for designing and fabricating new robots quickly and efficiently. The applications of this research are broad and include transportation, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, medicine and smart cities.


„I imagine a future where robots are so integrated in the fabric of human life that they become as common as smart phones are today. The field of robotics has the potential to greatly improve the quality of our lives at work, at home and at play”, says Daniela Rus on her presentation website.


As MIT professor, Daniela Rus has shaped the professional future of many students that she has taught the principles of robot design and programming, focusing on the mechanical and electronic principles behind building robots and on the classic algorithms, architectures, and theories behind controlling and programming robots. 


Her prodigious professional activity has drawn the attention of the Alexandrion Foundation, which awarded her in the science section of the second edition of Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards, organized at New York in December 2019. The Foundation awarded her for achievements in robotics and as a sign of gratitude for her contribution brought to world science progress. Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards Gala, awards scientists, academics, culture personalities and business people with impressive careers, the activity of whom has global impact.


The scientist has recently been selected to serve on the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST), at the White House. PCAST provides advice to the White House on topics critical to U.S. security and the economy, including policy recommendations on the future of work, American leadership in science and technology, and the support of U.S. research and development.


About the Alexandrion Foundation:

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