Bucharest, June 15th 2020: Edmond Niculusca is the winner of the 12,000 euros grand prize granted by the Alexandrion Foundation within the Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020, with the highest number of votes from the public- 16,885 votes. The next finalist ranked, according to the public’s online vote, Raluca Selejan, Carmen Chindris, Tudor Baciu, Ana Maria Ciobanu were awarded by the Alexandrion Foundation with 1,500 euros each.


Over 10.000 people watched this year’s edition of Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala organized by the Alexandrion Foundation, which was broadcast online, on June 14th. The public had 24 days to vote for the favourite finalist on the platforma www.fundatia-alexandrion.ro and the voting system closed during the gala. Through the voting campaign that started on May 21st the ranking changed several times, amplifying the adrenalin and the emotions of the finalists and of their supporters, but, in the end, Edmond Niculusca took the ranking lead.


The grand prize worth 12,000 euros, granted by the Alexandrion Foundation will allow Edmond Niculusca to invest in the Antiseismic District project, the first project in Romania that prepares for an earthquake the entire community of a vulnerable district in case of a major earthquake. Started by ARCEN (The Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality) one year ago, the project has already reached 6,000  inhabitans of District 40 distri             ct and now, with the help of the prize won by Edmond, will be extended.


Edmond Niculusca, ARCEN director and the winner of the grand prize of Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020:

“I’m very touched, I’m very excited, I’m very grateful. This is a prize for the future of Bucharest. I fought enormously along my friends, my colleagues, ARCEN team, ARCEN partners to win this prize, because this prize is for a project that can save lives. Through Antiseismic District we will prepare for the next earthquake over 20,000 people from Bucharest city center. And I think the stake was huge, I never thought that we could mobilize so many people and this gives us an extraordinary validity- to be supported by over 15,000 people for the project that we have been developing for a year and for the ARCEN project which has been going on for 11 years is extraordinary and a sign of great acknowledgement for us.”


Nawaf Salameh, the President of the Alexandrion Foundation: „Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020 was a succes and I am very happy that the new format, adapted to the period that we are going through, offered us the opportunity to have by our side such a numerous audience, who watched the gala oline. It was extraordinary to be able to bring in front of everybody the projects and stories of five young people the work of whom is very important for the society, for the future of this country. Congratulations Edmond Niculusca, I hope this prize will help you take your project to the next level and help as many people from your community as possible! Congratulations as well to the other four finalists who fought to get here and who are, equally, winners, through the good that they do to those around them, through their work.”


Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020 can be rewatched on the Facebook page of the Alexandrion Foundation. The event was hosted by the young actor Pavel Ulici, known for the roles performed in Romanian and international movies and Doru Trascau and Andrei Zamfir from The Mono Jacks performed live, in acoustic formula, the songs of the band.


More information about Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020 is available on www.fundatia-alexandrion.ro.


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