Bucharest, May 22nd 2020: The Alexandrion Foundation awards 5 young people, outstanding through their projects, with strong impact on the communities they are part of, within Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020. On its 5th edition, Matei Brâncoveanu Awards Gala has a new, unique format this year. Thus, both the gala and the voting process will take place online, the audience being involved in designating the winner of the big prize worth  12,000 euros, as well as of the other 4 prizes worth 1,500 euros each, offered by the Alexandrion Foundation. Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala will be broadcast live, on June 14th, on Alexandrion Facebook Page, starting from 19:00.

In the new format of the gala, 5 professionals well-known to the public, with broad experience in their fields of activity- Tudor Giurgiu, Sandra Ecobescu, Marius Constantinescu, Victoria Asanache and Irina Păcurariu have joined the Alexandrion Foundation. They nominated 15 young people who actively contribute, through their projects, to the development of the communities they are part of. The finalists were designated through secret vote by the five professionals, along with Marinela Ardelean – Global Brand Ambassador Vinars Brancoveanu, representative of the Mentoring Generations community.

Starting from May 21st, at 19:00, until June 14th 2020, the Alexandrion Foundation is inviting the audience to join the event and participate in the voting process on the dedicated platform www.fundatia-alexandrion.ro. The closing of the voting system will be announced during the gala broadcast live on the  Alexandrion Foundation Facebook, Sunday, June 14th, while the ranking will be announced right after.

The grand prize worth 12,000 euros will be granted by the Alexandrion Foundation to the finalist with the highest number of votes. The prize will cover a part of the resources necessary to pay for some training courses or the financing of some projects from the area the winner was awarded for.

The 5 finalists of Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala 2020 are:

Tudor Baciu (32) has been involved in numerous volunteer activities since college, and since 2015 he has been organizing film screenings in villages and cities without a cinema, in 36 counties of the country, within his project: Cinemobilul caravan. In 2019, Cinemobilul (The Mobile Cinema) reached over 44,000 spectators, becoming the largest film caravan in the country which managed to bring the joy of film watching to those places and communities in the country where people do not have access to such experiences.

Carmen Chindriș (35) founded Heart Up Association (Asociația Sus Inima), an association that supports oncology patients, by providing them with pshycological counseling and accommodation solutions during therapy, food or nutrition counseling. The association offers free services to patients who have a difficult financial situation and cannot normally afford to benefit from this kind of treatment and care.

Ana Maria Ciobanu (32) has been a reporter for DOR magazine since 2011. In 2015 she initiated the narrative podcast “Mădălina’s Village”, the story of an 18-year-old mother who begs at the subway holding her baby, a project that determined the listeners to donate for the construction of a house for Mădălina and her family. She is the host of the “mothes” (mame) podcast, together with Oana Sandu, with whom she debates about the balance between motherhood and work.

Edmond Niculușcă (30), when he was only 19, he founded ARCEN (The Romanian Association for Culture, Education and Normality), the association through which he promotes the heritage of Bucharest and proposes solutions to improve the life quality in the capital. In just one year, he managed to train 6,000 people to safely overcome a possible major earthquake, the entire community of a central neighborhood in Bucharest, vulnerable in the event of an earthquake. His project, Antiseismic District is the first project of this kind in Romania.

Raluca Selejan (32) opened in 2016, together with her best friend, the independent bookstore La Două Bufnițe from Timișoara, starting from the idea to create a community developed around books and cultural events, in order to stimulate the future generations’ appetite for reading. The two young women bring children closer to books and bookstores, through activities that help them catch the taste for reading. The bookstore was accepted, from the opening, in the European and International Bookseller Federation.

More information about Matei Brâncoveanu Awards Gala sunt is available on www.fundatia-alexandrion.ro.

About the Alexandrion Foundation

Alexandrion Foundation was emerged following numerous social activities carried out by the companies part of Alexandrion Group. Projects have been carried out under Alexandrion Foundation’s patronage for more than 20 years.  Alexandrion Foundation follows the Alexandrion Group in its evolution.  The Alexandrion Foundation actively supports culture since 2014 with Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, it honours excellence through the Constantin Brâncoveanu Diaspora Awards and the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards. Through the Matei Brâncoveanu Awards, Alexandrion Foundation recognizes the development potential of younger people for, research and exceptional achievements in their field of activity. Over the years, the Foundation has also supported Romanian sports performance. Alexandrion Trophies  honour the international performance of Romanian athletes since 2016. The Foundation supported the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee at the Olympic from 2004 to 2012 in an effort to encourage young athletes to obtain the best possible results.

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