The laureate of the Medicine section of the Constantin Brâncoveanu International (New York), Dr Souhel Najjar, speech to the medical students

Neurology specialist Dr. Souhel Najjar responded to Alexandrion Foundation’s invitation to come to Romania to share his professional experience for more than 40 years at the MEDICS conference. Dr. Souhel Najjar will also give two speeches at two medical universities in Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.

The Alexandrion Foundation honored the entire career of the renowned physician by awarding him the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Award for Medicine at the inaugural edition held in November 2018, in New York Public Library.

Internationally renowned for his clinical, pedagogical and research work, Dr. Souhel Najjar has dedicated his career to the treatment of epilepsy in patients of all ages, complex neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases of the central nervous system.

One of the patients treated by Dr. Najjar throughout his career has become a book and a film subject. This is the case of the journalist and writer Susannah Cahalan, known for the Brain on Fire volume, telling her experience in hospital after contacting a rare autoimmune disease, anti-NMDA encephalitis, and the doctor who treated her and helped her heal, Dr. Souhel Najjar.