The Alexandrion Foundation will be actively involved and will make a number of donations to the Mia’s Children Association to provide the opportunity for the 45 children educated and cared in the center administered by the Mia’s Children Association, in order to continue their studies and to grow in an environment where they are protected and mentored.

The 45 children helped by the Mia’s Children Association come from disadvantaged backgrounds, but have been given the chance to overcome their condition and become adults with beautiful professions and happy lives. They are children of all ages, who before they came to Mia’s Children were living in very difficult conditions, in which their health was in danger, and their parents could not financially support them to study or follow their passions. Now they study different disciplines, some of them are very talented and they paint or play musical instruments, they play together and, most importantly, they are protected and loved. The Alexandrion Foundation supports these children and helps them to overcome this difficult period, marked by material needs and shortcomings, in order to continue to develop beautifully and healthy.

Over the years, the Alexandrion Foundation has supported in various forms the education of children from rural schools, placement centers and non-governmental organizations throughout the country, offering materials for refurbishing, equipping and financing educational programs organized by them. The school from Brâncoveni Commune, Red Cross Brașov, Salvați Copiii Foundation, Negru Vodă-Galați Placement Center and Children in Distress Foundation are among the organizations that Alexandrion Foundation has supported in the past.

«We all go through dramatic moments, in which the struggle between good and evil is emphasized. People are worried, unprepared, afraid of something they still don’t know how long it will take and what effects it may have. We live here with 45 children whom no one asks about. The system has forgotten them, as always, parents do not exist. And yet, they are living, and they are worried about this “Monster”, of this virus that I do not understand, but they have found out that it is dangerous and that the whole humanity is threatened, in a deadlock. And they have very few friends, people to tell their concerns about, from whom to receive comfort, encouragement. What about a hug? We thank the Alexandrion Foundation for their support during this period and we are glad that there are still companies that are focusing their attention on the needs of underprivileged children.” said Mia Scarlat, founder of the Mia’s Children Association.

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About Alexandrion Foundation

Alexandrion Foundation was emerged following numerous social activities carried out by the companies part of Alexandrion Group. Projects have been carried out under Alexandrion Foundation’s patronage for more than 20 years., Alexandrion Foundation follows the Alexandrion Group in its evolution.  The Alexandrion Foundation actively supports culture since 2014  with  Constantin Brâncoveanu Awards, it honours excellence through the Constantin Brâncoveanu Diaspora Awards and the Constantin Brâncoveanu International Awards. Through the Matei Brâncoveanu Awards, Alexandrion Foundation recognizes the development potential of younger people for, research and exceptional achievements in their field of activity.. Over the years, the Foundation has also supported Romanian sports performance. Alexandrion Trophies,  honour the international performance of Romanian athletes since 2016. The Foundation supported the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee at the Olympic from 2004 to 2012 in an effort to encourage young athletes to obtain the best possible results.